Julia Single Pearl necklace


Single stunning Tahitian pearl with a smaller pearl for the clasp. The Julia is available in pearls ranging from 8  to 18 mm, the Pearl can be baroque, circled, semi round, colors ranging from Tahitian black to lighter grey, green or Golden south sea Pearls.
Our unique clasp, (a fantastically simple knot) enables you to adjust the length.
On the display photo, Alice is wearing a 15 mm Julia necklace closest to her neck,  she is also wearing a fabulous Oceana Cluster featuring  large baroque Tahitian pearls and a long necklace featuring ancient Arca trading beads used among the Naga People in Burma . The bracelet on her left hand is a "Naga" featuring the same Arca trading beads and Tahitian baroque pearls, on her right hand alice is wearing a Chacha bracelet featuring baroque Tahitian pearls.
Pearls larger than 15 mm in diameter with  great luster and no blemishes are rare and precious.
FOR PEARLS OVER 16mm - call for a quote.
Please feel free to call us to  help you choose the pearl that is the best for you.
We can send you a photo of the exact necklace you will receiving .
CLT - Circled